Puppy Pre-School

Socialisation is very important for your puppy so that it can grow into a well adjusted dog.  Puppy Pre School allows your puppy to interact with other puppies and gives you, the owner all the information, training and behaviour tips, with doing so laying a stable foundation for you and your dog to work with so that you puppy becomes a well adjusted member of your family.  Everything from training to medical advice is covered by our trained Veterinary Nurses for you to start off on the right foot with your new family member.  Whether it has been years or the first time you have owned a puppy, Puppy Pre School is fun and informative that it is considered a must for new puppy owners. 

Puppy Pre School is reccommended for puppies 6-16 weeks old.  They must have had their first vaccination and been checked by a Vetcall Veterinarian to ensure they are healthy (easily done with our free puppy checks).  Puppy Pre School is held in a sterile environment so that they can socialize at the ideal time period without risk of picking up any diseases.

Classes are held at Vetcall Ashmore on Wednesday evenings for four consecutive weeks.  Numbers are limited so book your puppy in as soon as you get your new puppy.  A full course cost $99 and is required at the time of booking to ensure your place is confirmed.

the 4 week course content


  • Introduction and house rules
  • Goals and benefits of puppy pre-school
  • Puppy play expectations
  • Common puppy problems and establishing the house pack
  • Training protocol
  • Puppy play and handling desensitisation
  • Commands - Sit and Drop


  • Environment desensitisation
  • Mental Stimulation
  • Vaccines, intestinal worming and heartworming
  • Pet Insurance
  • Commands - Stay and Come


  • Nutrition
  • Dental Care
  • Desexing, micrchipping and Gold Coast City Council requirments
  • Commands - walking on a lead.  Heel command


  • Emergency Care
  • Graduation Ceremony