Puppy/ Kitten Health Check

If you're worried about your new little bundle of fluff, take advantage of our health checks for puppies and kittens. We will give the little one(s) a thorough check to make sure they are healthy and supply you wth all the information you need to know when you have a new family member.  

A basic health check includes:

  • A thorough physical examination to determine his state of health.
  • Check for external parasites (fleas, ticks, lice, ear mites).
  • Check for internal parasites (tapeworm, roundworm, etc.), if you can bring a fresh stool sample for analysis. Blood tests may also be done.
  • Initial vaccination and/or a discussion of the types of vaccinations your puppy or kitten needs and when they should be scheduled.
  • Discussion about whether your puppy or kitten should be desexed (spayed or castrated) and when.

Remember we also have Puppy Pre-Schools to ensure that your puppy can have the best start in life!

The first health check will give your veterinarian the information they need to advise you on your puppy or kitten’s immediate diet and care. Plus, it will give them a “knowledge base” from which, on subsequent checkups throughout your puppy or kitten’s life, they can better evaluate, monitor and manage your pet’s health.