Good dental hygiene

Do you notice that your pet has bad breath? It is important for your pets to have good dental hygiene because it can lead to systemic infection which can affect heart, kidney and other internal organs. Dental disease can range from just mild tartar to severe root abscess and gingivitis. Ideally we want to aim to prevent dental disease from occurring rather than having to treat it which can involve multiple extractions.

To maintain healthy teeth, there are a number of homecare methods you can do for your pet such as brushing their teeth daily with flavoured pet toothpaste, feeding them dental dry food, giving your pet good quality oral chews like Oravet and visiting our clinic for regular vet dental checks with scale and polish if needed.

At Vetcall, we offer FREE dental checks so give us a call and make a booking this August and get a free sample of Hill's t/d food for your pet (whilst stock last)! Our friendly team can provide more advice on how to keep your pet's breath nice and fresh.

Our Best for Pet program also offers some great discount off your dental scale bill. During August all Best for Pet members will automatically go into the draw to win a three-month supply of Hill’s t/d food for their pet.  Best for Pet members will also be eligible to use their further 10% discount on food (included in Best for Pet membership) in conjunction with the current promotion (see below image). Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.