Did you know? We offer a pet boarding service

As many of our clients know, Vetcall Ashmore has offered pet boarding services for a number of years.  This service was originally established for pets that require medication or are diabetic, however this service has become so popular that our clients now board their pets with us when they are going on holidays and moving house. 

Our boarding facilities cater to pets of all ages, from puppies and kittens to senior pets.  To make sure your pets are comfortable during their stay with us, we offer several different types of accommodation you can choose from including;

Younger cats have access to a three-level run with extra space for playing 

Older cats are housed in a one level cage, comfortable and cozy

Smaller dogs can be housed in rooms that comfortable fit a family of three small dogs, as well as single rooms for dogs who like to stretch their legs. 


All dogs who stay with us get walked a minimum of four times a day in our supervised, secure exercise yard, where they can play on their own or with our other guests.  We take steps to make sure that your pet is kept comfortable over summer with constant air conditioning, and facilities heated to an optimum temperature in winter to make sure your pet is comfortable.  During their stay with us you pet will be fed twice a day, and their cage or room cleaned twice a day.  It is important to let us know if your pet requires special attention, so we can make sure their stay is as comfortable as possible.

We keep our cat and dog boarding facilities separated to ensure your feline friends stay calm in a bark free zone, and our cattery has feline pheromone dispensers which help keep your cat as happy and relaxed as possible.  

 We are excited to announce that the cattery will have two new rooms – these will be our luxury suites.

The Beach Room: This room will make your cat feel as though they have gone on a tropical holiday with you! It will include a sun shade tent, a hammock, cat grass and a lovely beach mural. 

The Zen Room: This room can be likened to that of a yoga retreat for your cat providing ultimate relaxation. There will be calming music, bamboo beds, bamboo wallpaper, a drinking water fountain, a bamboo hammock and cat grass.

It is important to remember that all cats and dogs must be up to date with their vaccinations before staying with us.  If your pets vaccinations are not up to date, they will need to be vaccinated at least two weeks prior to their stay with us.  If your pet has been vaccinated at another clinic, please make sure you provide us with these vaccination records, to ensure that we provide the highest level of care for all pets that stay with us. 

Are you a Best for Pet member? Don’t forget that you receive two nights free standard cat boarding as part of your membership. 

Our boarding facilities book up quickly, we recommend booking in advance to avoid disappointment.  If you have any questions regarding the boarding services offered at Vetcall Ashmore, you can contact us on 07 5539 4133 and speak to Kendall, who will be able to answer all your questions. 

The prices for standard boarding are as below:

Cat: $21.50 per night (10% off if owner supplies food)*
Small Dog: $34.50 per night (10% off if owner supplies food)*

*No discounts over peak seasons such as Christmas and Easter.